There is no one size fits all, every one of our customers is unique and therefore every one of our intelligent service solutions is unique

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Office and commercial property comes in all shapes and sizes, and within these spaces, any number of activities can be taking place.

Whether it's an office, a manufacturing site, an airport or a library, each one of these environments needs its own specific set of facilities management and maintenance services to make it work efficiently. That's where Unigold comes in.

Our service solutions deliver flexible, professional support in a way that fits in with your organisation, letting you concentrate on carrying out your business or activities.

Our services are proven to deliver across almost any location. The key is understanding the operation of each particular environment, the critical factors that make it work and the culture of our customer’s organisation.


Unigold has increased its client base by 100% in the last year. We have found that as the market has changed we have had to move with this change and offer more and more services to local businesses. We as a company have formed a number of business partnerships to enable us to deliver the type of service you require.

Since then the website is the main place I receive the majority of my work. Thanks again Unigold

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Unigold is a management company, working with service partners to deliver a wide range of services.

Facilities Management

Unigold is a management company, working with service partners to deliver a wide range of services

Facilities management companies vary significantly in what they offer. Unigold is a management company, working with service partners to deliver a wide range of services.

Our facilities management solutions can cover on and off-site management, 24/7 helpdesk, maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, project management and a whole host of related services required when you own or occupy property.

Since then the website is the main place I receive the majority of my work. Thanks again Unigold

Network 2000

With every customer we first try to understand their current situation, understand their goals and understand their culture. This knowledge allows us to evaluate and recommend solutions from the various service delivery options that will be available to you.

Buying multiple services for single or multiple sites throws up so many variables that getting to the best value solution for your organisation often needs independent thought.

Our solutions provide independent management that works alongside your management teams. Therefore our goals are your goals. To deliver services such as maintenance, cleaning and catering we engage local, regional and national suppliers, all approved by us for performance, quality and financial stability.

Importantly, we don't add margin to the cost of the facilities services we deliver through service partners; therefore we have no interest in keeping these costs high.

Management Services

24 / 7

In a 24/7 world, you want to know that whatever happens to or within your properties, someone is there to pick up the issue and solve it.

Whether you contact us via telephone, email or web, in its simplest form, Unigold's 24/7 response solution can operate as a straightforward reactive request handling service. At the other end of the spectrum, it can form part of a multi-faceted receive, respond and report solution that manages response requests, passes them to approved suppliers, monitors and reports on progress against SLAs and approves final invoicing.

Our 24/7 provides the cornerstone of many of our facilities management and reactive maintenance management solutions

The flexibility of process and system allows you to pick and choose the services you want to include. It also allows you to define how those services, and consequently costs, are controlled and managed. You get ultimate, real-time visibility of all activity across your property estate.

The in house developed software platform has developed organically. The software design team continues to create new, bespoke functionality, which means that your facilities response solution can do exactly what you want for your organisation now, and will adapt as your needs change in the future.


Maintenance services are more often than not an organisations biggest area of spend within the facilities management budget. It is an area that is crucial to the operation of a building and to the comfort and safety of those within it.

The nature of this area of facilities management means that without a technical background, it can be extremely difficult to select the best service provider for you and then ensure that they are doing a good job.

As Unigold is independent from the supply chain, our maintenance experts firstly draw up an asset list and carry out a condition survey. From this we are then able to compile a forward maintenance plan that allows a full maintenance schedule to be devised and a capital replacement programme to be drawn up.

Every organisation has different objectives and places priorities on different things. A well thought through planned and reactive maintenance plan, sitting alongside a considered capital replacement plan, will deliver the optimum value for money in supporting your organisations goals.

Read more about our planned maintenance and reactive maintenance services here.

What a building provides or how it is configured to deliver the needs of the organisation changes over time. Unigold's building engineering team are available to support our customers whenever change is required. Whether its fit-out, new build, refurbishment or relocation, our building surveying and project management teams provide a cohesive, customer focused service.


Independence from our supply chain is fundamental to us providing flexibility and transparency throughout our consultancy and service solutions.


Our procurement team specifies and purchases the entire range of facilities management services including planned and reactive maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, grounds maintenance and pest control. This expertise provides significant cost savings and ensures that you get competent, safe and compliant service providers.


Our CIPS qualified team can assist you in carrying out a stand-alone procurement project where we can help specify requirements, run the tender process and advise on appointment. Or they can procure services as part of a maintenance or facilities management contract.

Supply Chain Management

Once procured, we don't stop there. Managing your supply chain is crucial to getting best value, and as in each element of an Unigold solution, performance measurement can be tailored to track the things most important to you. We review how suppliers are performing on one site, one contract or across all contracts they might work on.


As well as real time management reporting and access to the progress of all job requests, you get to see key stats on your suppliers through our supplier dashboard.

It's all about giving you the full, unbiased picture of activity that gives us the ability to together make intelligent, informed choices.


Long term planning will often be more cost effective that a short term, reactive approach

Asset Management

Looking after your property efficiently is a challenge. You can always spend money, but spending money wisely is more difficult. When managing a building and the assets within it, longer term planning will often be more cost effective that a short term, reactive approach.

Building surveying covers a wide range of property related services and is most often required when a building changes use. If you are a commercial or public property owner, occupier or tenant, you will probably require building surveying services at some point.

When you engage a surveyor, you need pragmatic advice. We provide this through taking the time to understand your organisation and your objectives.

Only then can we provide you with a considered solution from the many varied options that will be open to you.

Our building surveying team carry out measured surveys, review and advise on building maintenance plans, draw up compliance, condition or dilapidation reports and advise on party wall matters. Where appropriate, differing courses of action are discussed and recommendations made.

As with every service we provide, we aim to help you make the right choices for you and your organisation.

Lifecycle Planning

Lifecycle management is a term that has sprung up from the PFI/PPP industry. It is concerned with examining the whole life costs of owning and maintaining an asset, be it a building or an item of plant and equipment.

At it's most basic it is getting the right balance between capital expenditure and your planned & reactive maintenance programme to provide optimum value for money.

The expertise of our building engineers combined with our wealth of facilities management experience enables us to advise on strategy development and ongoing programme management.

Everyone responsible for maintenance should have in place capital replacement plans covering at least the next 5 years. But every plan for managing lifecycle costs will be different.

Your requirements and priorities are unlikely to be the same as the next person. By working with you to examine priorities for you and your organisation, capital and revenue expenditure can be forecast accurately and you can be sure that you are spending on the areas that matter most to you.

Building Services

Building services is the term used to describe all of the 'stuff' that makes an empty building shell into a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment.

Our building services engineers design and install the whole range of systems and services required to make a building work efficiently.

These include:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Water services, drainage and plumbing
  • Lighting (daylight and artificial)
  • Energy supply
  • Communication networks
  • Security and fire alarms and suppression

The needs of every building and occupant are different and the design of building services must take into account the building type, age and planned usage. Our engineers are experienced across sectors and provide solutions based on our customers drivers.

Sustainability and lowering carbon footprint and both high on the building services engineers' agenda. They are the people bringing the latest thinking and innovative products into our buildings as new stock is built and old stock is refurbished or retro-fitted.


Construction Project Management

New build projects are often a long time in the planning, followed what can be a relatively short period of construction. Our project managers support our clients throughout the process advising and assisting with: feasibility studies, appointing consultants, obtaining planning permission, procuring contractors, managing works, space planning and handing over the building

The sheer number of interested parties can be overwhelming. Our team help you through the process and ensure that you end up with the building that you wanted, on time and to budget.

Construction design management

Construction design management (CDM) plays a vital role in the reduction of health & safety risk throughout the design and construction process. Recognising the particular risk that the construction industry poses, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has extensive guidelines on good health and safety management.

Part of these guidelines establish that any notifiable project ie. those projects lasting over 30 days or involving more than 500 person days of construction work, must have an appointed CDM co-ordinator to carry out additional statutory tasks designated by the HSE's CDM regulations.

Unigold Property & Facilities Management can advise and guide you through the CDM process and act as CDM co-ordinator ensuring that you remain compliant right through to handover of the health and safety file upon completion of the project.


Our management approach focuses on reducing the amount of maintenance visits required, not on keeping engineers employed

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance or planned preventive maintenance works fall into two categories. Some works have to be carried out to comply with legislation, and other works can be carried out as part of an overall maintenance regime.

Maintenance Regimes

Planned maintenance should form part of your overall maintenance plans, balancing maintenance spend between planned and reactive works. We work with you to optimise the operation of your building plant and assets, reviewing any existing planned schedules or drawing up new ones.

Once annual and 5 year maintenance plans have been agreed, we ensure that works are completed as scheduled. Web-based, reporting allows you to see exactly what has been, or is due to be done, at any moment in time.

Combining the management of planned and reactive works can deliver efficiencies, allowing planned works to either be carried out at the same time as a reactive call, or allowing a reactive call to be postponed until the cheaper planned visit takes place.

Our management approach focuses on reducing the amount of maintenance visits required, not on keeping engineers employed.

Legislative Compliance

Our maintenance management team will work with you to draw up an annual planned maintenance schedule to keep you compliant with current legislation. This will be based on the assets you have within your building or across your portfolio.

The resulting maintenance plan ensures that works are carried out when required, test certificates are kept up to date and additional remedial work is undertaken if required. Especially valuable for multi-site locations - test certificates are held online and can be viewed as and when required.

Legislative compliance works cover items such as:

  • Fire alarms/emergency lighting
  • Gas inspections
  • PAT testing
  • 5 year fixed wire testing
  • Water hygiene monitoring


Reactive Maintenance

Co-ordinating and managing reactive maintenance services for a property portfolio that totals anything from one to thousands of sites across the country can throw up significant challenges

Co-ordinating and managing reactive maintenance services for a property portfolio that totals anything from one to thousands of sites across the country can throw up significant challenges. A well planned reactive maintenance service starts with working with you to gain a thorough understanding of your exact requirements, your property portfolio and your existing supply base. Knowing this enables us to propose solutions that best fit your way of working.

Our Property & Facilities Management solution is 'menu based', allowing you to pick and choose the elements that suit you. Our flexibility means that some customers come to us just to handle helpdesk calls and pass on those job requests to their existing suppliers. Others benefit from utilising our extensive approved supplier base and benefiting from our purchasing leverage. Our role is to help you make the choice that works best for you.

Our reactive maintenance service can combine:

However you engage with us you will get consistent, quality driven, transparent and value for money reactive maintenance services.


Ensuring all activity is co-ordinated, every party is in the right place at the right time carrying out the right task to the required standards.

Professional planning

Whether you are taking on additional buildings, refreshing existing space or re-locating, the period of change can be unsettling and disruptive if not managed correctly. It is vital to approach any change or relocation project with a clear understanding of the end game, from which a thorough and professional plan can be developed.

Strategic Planning

The importance of the planning phase of any change project cannot be overstated. Get this right and the objectives of the organisation will be met, costs will be managed and disruption kept to an absolute minimum. We work with you throughout the planning stage, guiding you through your thought process to produce an accurately defined project brief.

Project co-ordination

You will almost inevitably require the services of a range of external and internal teams. These can include architects, fit-out contractors, materials suppliers, move contractors and IT teams. There are also many additional parties that, although not directly involved, can impact on the success of any project including landlords, local authorities and utility companies.

This is where experienced project management pays dividends, ensuring all activity is co-ordinated, every party is in the right place at the right time carrying out the right task to the required standards.

Move Management

If you need to move 10 people or thousands, the same meticulous planning and organisation is required to ensure business as usual at the new location. Our project managers work with you throughout the change planning process, helping to provide clear and concise communication that creates a sense of anticipation building up to the move date.

Turnkey project management

Fit-out, refurbishment and new build projects involve a number of parties who may be providing advice, permissions, designs or physical works. Our project management services can support you throughout the process, advising and assisting with: feasibility studies, appointing consultants, obtaining planning permission, procuring contractors and space planning through to building handover.

But we don't stop there. There's always a 'snagging' list, and it's how these issues are dealt with is often the abiding memory of any project. We deal with these issues quickly and professionally, allowing you to get on with your day job.