Whether it’s cabling pulling, termination, patching, jumpering, move & changes or decommissioning of old cabling to make room for new installation, you are guarantee on getting it right using our company rather than getting unpredictable engineers from other sources

Our Engineers are well known within the industry for our expertise of design and installation of structured cabling systems.

No matter the size of the project, we treat every installation with the same dedication. We carry out free UK site surveys.

Our infrastructure arm was formed in 1999 to supply and install Data and Voice cabling services to the rapidly expanding Information Technology Industry.

Servicing clients primarily in the South East, and increasingly throughout the rest of the Country and Europe. Over the years, we have built up a large portfolio of clients ranging from hotels, factories, schools, Universities, shops and offices of all sizes.

We cover various types of work from one off data installations small or large to moves, shifts and changes and we also offer long term support works for sites throughout UK and Europe.

Successful installations are achieved by design, discussion and sheer attention to detail. The needs of future businesses are difficult to predict, that is why specifying the right infrastructure for your communication network is of vital importance. Not only must the system be able to cope with demanding internet usage, intranet, video conferencing, e-mail and multimedia applications, but also accommodate the unknown applications of tomorrow.


Why Choose us?

No matter the size of the project, we treat every installation with the same dedication

We specialise in offering our customers the best solution whether it be down to budget or environment. The data cabling Installation would be project managed from start to finish and installed by qualified engineers.

  • Reliable – Leave it to us, We deliver on our promises

  • Experienced – Knowledgeable staff with over 20 years experience

  • Flexible – We appreciate that every business has unique needs

  • Committed – To delivering a great service, every time

  • Personal – Friendly and helpful, customer satisfaction is our priority


No matter the size of the project, we treat every installation with the same dedication



Our Free Site Survey inspections analyse requirements or problems, providing a host of suitable solutions. This inspection should not be viewed as a veiled sales pitch, following an audit and the production of technical guidelines, businesses are free to take our advice or not, they can also empower who they like to carry out any necessary tasks.

Site Surveys are carried out in such a manner as to cause minimal disruption to the workplace, if required they can be carried out during silent hours, weekends or Bank Holidays but this will incur a small charge which we will pass on to a charity of your choosing.



During the first consultation period we discuss the requirement and all issues related to this subject. The second session will concentrate on the solution, options available, budgetary restraints and time implications.

Our consultation experts sit at the top of the ACCL ladder. Time served engineers who have risen through the ranks by performing exceptionally well through our internal career development plans.

There are no contractual obligations twinned to a consultation session. If after an audit and numerous discussions you would prefer to use the services of another provider, you will have our blessing. At ACCL we do not advocate the chasing of contracts by adopting pushy sales techniques; we believe our ability and track record will speak for themselves.

Prior to a consultation session we will provide detailed instructions on the areas up for discussion. This will give you a flavour for what is to follow and allow for the production of detailed questions.



A detailed plan offers clients important information on deliverables, timeframes and milestones. This keeps them in the picture at all times. Our Project Managers are in constant communication with clients, informing them how the plan is materialising. We fully understand this document needs to be fluid enough to facilitate change, if deemed necessary.

Areas considered during this phase include:

  • Current Requirement
  • Future expansion Plans
  • Building Infrastructure Constraints
  • Staff Movement
  • Time Frames
  • Technology (Cable type, Hardware, Software)
  • Budget
  • Leases Duration
  • Location of Equipment
  • User Configurations
  • Health & Safety



Effectively producing a network cabling infrastructure design requires specific knowledge and understanding of all key elements. This is not a task that should be carried out by unqualified personnel.

Our Design Team is not only proficient in the production of detailed plans, they also hold extensive knowledge of all products and sectors network cabling infrastructures are placed into.

The planning and design stages of any project needs to hold a degree of flexibility. More often than not slight modifications are called for prior to the installation phase.



Following a consultation session and the completion of the planning and design stages our fully qualified engineers and Project Managers are ready to commence work.



Following the completion of a data transmission installation project, our engineers move onto the testing phase.

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) views the testing of an installation very seriously. Only by carrying out diligently testing can we guarantee a network or standalone product will perform at an optimum level.

When testing data transmission circuits or beams (laser, microwave) we transmit large packets of data, more than would be used under normal conditions. By stress testing in this way we can guarantee top quality output when utilising applications such as voice and video.

Following the completion of the testing phase ACCL produce detailed documentation. This information is then submitted to the system manufactures so that a 25 year system warranty can be issued. If required our engineers and consultants have the capability to explain these results in a simplified, non-technical manner.

Test data also provides a benchmark for future audited inspections.



As part of the service we offer, we can remove all cabling already in place from exisitng installations.

This can be due to:

  • Moving offices and the offices must be returned to original
  • Existing infrastructure not up to the required standard
  • Future expansion
  • Staff Movement
  • Technology (Cable type, Hardware, Software)
  • Location of Equipment
  • Health & Safety


We are able to supply and fit networking solutions using traditional or the latest in communications technology



Ethernet cables have been evolving since the beginning of the Ethernet standard in 1985. Many different categories of Ethernet cable have been developed, and each category has different specifications as far as shielding from electromagnetic interference, data transmission speed, and the possible bandwidth frequency range required to achieve that speed.

Ethernet Cables are given a ‘CAT’ or Category rating depending on their capabilities.

  • CAT 5e

    Is an enhanced version of Cat 5 cable, which is optimized to reduce crosstalk, or the unwanted transmission of signals between data channels and is able to handle speeds up to 1000 Mbps (Gigabit). It is the most widely used category of Ethernet cable.

  • CAT 6

    While Cat 5e cables can handle Gigabit Ethernet speeds, Cat 6 cables are certified to handle Gigabit Ethernet with a bandwidth of up to 250 MHz and including better insulation and thinner wires, providing a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

  • CAT 6a

    Category 6 a cable, or augmented Category 6 cable, improves upon the basic Cat 6 cable by allowing 10,000 Mbps data transmission rates and effectively doubling the maximum bandwidth to 500 MHz.

  • CAT 7

    Category 7 cable, also known as Class F, is a fully shielded cable that supports speeds of up to 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) and bandwidths of up to 600 Mhz. They consist of a screened, shielded twisted pair (SSTP) of wires, and better layers of insulation and shielding than Cat 6 cables. Because of this shielding, they are thicker, more bulky, and more difficult to bend.


Fibre Optic

Fibre-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fibre. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information.


Traditionally used to provide backbone links that increase available transfer bandwidth and distance, Fibre Optic cabling’s increased capacity (larger data bandwidth packets), distance and speed is in demand by more and more organisations these days as the basis of entire networks, delivering right to the desk. We are fully equipped with the latest technology and training to offer a fully installed and implemented Fibre Optic solution.

An added bonus of Fibre optic is that it is non-conductive. This provides an additional safety measure by not allowing power surges to be transmitted between Fibre linked equipment.

Fibre optic cable allows data transfers over large with very little degradation and is impervious to electrical interference making very useful for connecting multiple offices together on a site. The cable itself is very small so routing in tight spaces can be easily achieved but being made from spun glass, the core is quite delicate and has to be treated with care.


Our aim is to keep networks and equipment working at an optimum level, 365 days a year

We can provide all our clients with professional After Care support. Available packages are dependent on a client’s needs and requirements.

Packages include:

  • Constant Support
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Planned Audits

The aim of our Support Service Department is to keep networks and equipment working at an optimum level, 365 days a year. In modern business network or component failure can have a dramatic effect on a company’s profitability.

Customers that take advantage of our After Care support have in essence provided themselves with a quality insurance policy. Whatever the issue, our engineers will rectify the situation in a timely, effective manner.





We provide specialist services within the IT infrastructure domain. Our speciality lies with data transmissions, installing cable solutions.

We can provide various professional repair services, these include:

  • Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Cable
  • Mechanical Jointing
  • Cold Cure
  • Hardware

All work is fully quaranteed and 'End to End' tested to ensure high quality

We understand the need for efficiency when carrying out a repair task. Often network related issues are directly related to company profitability. Our Repair Department is manned by fully qualified engineers who have the ability to work efficiently, regardless of the environment and conditions.



Damaged cables can be repaired

Often our organisation is called upon to carry out a network audit, this generally comes about when a system continually malfunctions or fails to operate at an optimum level.

Following this inspection we may be tasked with carrying out a repair service. Generally this is needed because the wrong type of cable was initially installed or the standard of workmanship poor. The cabling industry is prone to poor standards; this is compounded by the unseen element of cable.

It would be fair to say there is a cable solution for all environments, however the right product may be expensive, this leads companies to invest in lower quality solutions. These decisions can often turn out to be poor ones, if they result in an inefficient, unsafe system. When called upon to carry out detailed repairs we often have no choice but to rip out sub-standard cable and install the correct solution.

Our Repair Department take immense pride in their work; they will not ‘bodge’ or cut corners. Following the completion of a signed off task, the repair will be 100% fit for purpose.


Need a network at home... No problem


We can provide various professional Residential services, these include:

  • Home Automation
  • Audio / Visual
  • CCTV
  • Home Cinema
  • Wi-Fi